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"Language of the Damned" Pt 1 by Nutnfancy

Miles Marjetic
Miles Marjetic - 10,375 Views
Published on 05 May 2022 / In News and Politics

Are they really "stunning and brave" as the media portrays confederates of the Left? No. Quite the opposite. It's not brave to to engage in anything that is widely celebrated and rewarded by a society.
It is a manipulation of the language and it happens daily now. Terms and words are being used in our cultural civil war that effectively convince normies to support Leftism. Other terms, usually racial in nature, are designed to shut up any opposition to the Great Reset you see happening right now. The idea is to cloud, obfuscate, and confuse any opposition so the enemy can advance in their totalitarian objectives. And it's been amazingly effective.
In this two part Nutnfancy series I will push back on such misleading, deceptive language...all coming from the Progressive side. You see this is a battle between Good and Evil and I'll help you understand that and the age old tactics of deception used by the father of all lies. God seeks you to be free, unencumbered, happy, and independent. Satan does not. He is all about coercion. The amount of true disinformation thrown out by the CPF is staggering. Anyone who does not seek out alternative information sources (like you being here!) can easily be mislead by this Language of the Damned. I'll remind of the battle between good/evil forces in this series and I'll recommend a way for discerning truth will be provided here.
Another hard hitting Nutnfancy Life Philosophy video designed to help all people especially my TNP friends!

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