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Oceanic Tritium: $100 off These Deep Blue watches

Miles Marjetic
Miles Marjetic - 51 Views
Published on 05 May 2022 / In Technology

We'll start talking about how cool the S3 Viking anti-sub plane was. There's a cool example on the table. Then you'll get a 2 for 1 WRV covering the Stainless Steel T100 tritium dive watches: models "Daynight 45 Tritdiver" and "Daynight T100 Commander." Using brighter T100 Trigalight vials on the markers and sword hands, these cool watches are visible in any condition. Diving video shown and you'll see real world ocean use in it (watches banged up in the process!) We'll cover the specifics here and when this video came out TNP watch fans scored a special deal on them, see below. As always there's lots of of Deep Blue watch fans in the world and all their models sell out quick and may never come back!

Use link: This link will take you to the DB website then you'll see the models on the page.

Use Code nutnfancy for $100, it only works on the two models shown

Duka dive watch, sapphire, ceramic bezel, auto Seiko NH35A:

Correction to the video: I've learned that Deep Blue isn't doing coupon codes anymore! They will have sale prices only on specific items. They also tell me, like everywhere, their costs are going up. They made a special exception for TNP for this coupon.

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